EuCasino enters the Christmas spirit with weekend promo

There is no such thing as a sure bet in the world of online casino games, but every now and then players get lucky.Capture d’écran 2015-12-20 à 13.14.26

EuCasino is running such a promotion that is aimed at minimizing the risks of participants and the instrument used for this purpose is the celebrated cash back.

This deal is offered to both new and existing members and everyone is entitled for a reimbursement if they deposit a minimum of €100.

Only 5% of their losses will be refunded though, so if you have highroller expectations, it is better to tone them down. Maria casino decided to aim this campaign and recreational players as they represent the vast majority of their members. If they run into a losing streak that risks turning into a downswing, they can still salvage something by recuperating a portion of the money they lost.

Capture d’écran 2015-12-20 à 13.14.20

At the same time, the casino doesn’t discriminate even against winners and the latter will also receive a bonus of 5%. This is applied to their winnings, in a similar manner in which money is refunded, so the system is supposed to run smoothly. Basically, regardless of what happens at the end of the round, you will receive 5% back on top of what you win. This is truly a way of making any game a win-win proposition and this promotion runs throughout every weekend this month.

Players need to opt in for this promotion in order to enjoy its advantages, yet this is not that big of a sacrifice and anyone can do it with a minimal effort. The cashback will be transferred immediately to the accounts of eligible players and if they accepted the bonus, they can use the funds on any games.

The best part is that if you happen to win or lose playing slot machines for example, you can use the cash back to experience the adrenaline rush of table games or video poker.

It’s as simple as it sounds so you don’t need to worry about the chances of winning, because you have the same chances as the most experienced peers. If everything works according to the plan and you successfully spin the reels to profits, you will win more money.

If luck deserts you when you need it most, then at least you will have the opportunity of returning to the tables to use the cashback amount.