Mr Green Casino continues its European expansion

Mr Green Casino is on the Scandinavian casinos that had humble beginnings and it was mrgLogoinitially aimed that focusing entirely on Swedish players.

These are known for their commitment and dedication, while spending long hours online playing slot machines and table games.

The advantage of being a relatively new casino is that they could use the latest technologies instead of bringing old-fashioned games up to date with clumsy tweaks.

The casino opened its doors in 2014 and this January will mark their second anniversary, but also an important milestone.

Since its inception, it established a beachhead within Swedish borders and is now widely regarded as on the most popular operators in this country. The rumors quickly spilled across the board and now players from Norway, Finland and even Denmark are playing here.


This is particularly impressive given the fact that the website is only available in Swedish and is not translated.
The promotions are also targeting mostly Swedish players, but there are just enough offers out there to keep foreigners happy.

The advantage of being powered by Net Entertainment is that Mr Green Casino had no problem in convincing new members that they’ve got the best games money can buy. It also helped them expand beyond national borders and their recent expansion in Europe can be explained this way.

Initially, the casino only accepted Swedish players and they were required to prove their identity by presenting a photo ID or passport. For those promotions that are restricted to local players, these requirements are still in force, but not all campaigns are so forbidding. The expansion continued in words as well, with slot machines, video poker and table games increasing while also being joined by other genres, such as lottery inspired games and scratch cards.

Bingo is also an option for those who have a real money account but this game can also be played on virtual currency. Play money has been used routinely by online casinos to convince players that it is worth exploring the Internet arena, even if they spend most of the time in land-based casinos and bingo parlors.

The ease of use and convenience won players over, while the abundance of welcome bonuses and occasional promotions convince them that it is worth sticking around.

The best proof that Mr Green Casino intends to continue this expansion throughout Europe is that they’ve applied and were granted a license in Malta. The Gaming Authority of Malta is regarded as on the most respected licensing authorities in the world and they require casinos to uphold the highest security standards.

This is something that Swedish casinos are also famous for, so those who are in the market for an online gambling operator that is absolutely fair, have found a winner.