The Bonus season continues in 2016 at Casino Casumo

If you thought that 2015 was the best year yet at Casino Casumo, you are absolutely Casumo-Logo-POS-RGB-e1358353285218correct because the online casino set some remarkable milestones.

For relatively new operator, they managed to increase their customer base significantly and the projections for 2016 are just as optimistic.

One argument in favor of this theory is that some of the best promotions that run live throughout December were extended.

This January, players will be able to compete for many of the prizes awarded during the holiday season and will also benefit from a couple of new offers. Sadly, not all of them can be used in conjunction, but there are plenty of campaigns that allow players to enroll, even if they have other bonuses queued.

At the end of the day, it is all about the dedication of players and those who have the stamina, time and resources to gamble intensively will reap the benefits.


A quick glance at the Christmas calendar event will highlight the fact that they were a couple of great bonuses worth fighting for this December. If you didn’t have the time to play those games or the commitment required by those promotions were in stark contrast with your Christmas plans, you need not worry.

The same free spins, cash prizes and innumerable bonuses are up for grabs this year and many more will be revealed by the end of January.

Casino Casumo is essentially a Swedish casino, so don’t be surprised to find out that were supposed to deposit in local currency. When they calculate the bonuses, the use of their conversion rate and this also applies to their Norwegian casino. Basically, it is the residents of these two Scandinavian countries that will enjoy the best terms and conditions, yet players from beyond borders are also welcomed with open arms.

As a part of the Bonnier Gaming group, the online casino enjoys tremendous popularity all over Europe and it is only fair to assume that in a not so distant future they will have an English website as well.

Having said this, given the generosity of their promotions, it is definitely worthwhile to use the Google translate service or other translation programs to learn more about these campaigns. In most cases, the numbers speak for themselves and prospective customers will realize immediately what they could win.

It is sufficient to start with the introductory package that consists of bonuses awarded incrementally in 4 steps, to get an idea about the opportunities.

The fact that players can make four consecutive deposits instead of having to amass all the necessary capital claim the top bonus is spectacular news.

As always, it is the first deposit that is matched at the highest rate, more precisely 200% up to a maximum of €50. The next deposit will only trigger a bonus worth 50% but the limit is elevated to €150 and the trend continues.